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Nature’s Work (5/7/5 haiku)

forces stronger than
i work to influence you
Faith: my one true Hope


This little poem can mean so many things, and I certainly had specific life situations in mind when writing this haiku.  But a “nature image” (which I believe is a requirement for a “true” haiku) that came to mind as I wrote this is a “sideways tree” that grows in my father’s pasture.  Decades ago, the tree was blown over by a hurricane.  But instead of dying, it just grew new roots and became the best “climbing tree” one could ever hope for.  The tree is also inspirational to me.  There were times as a teenager, and even now as an adult, when I’ve felt “blown over” by life and will visit that tree to remind myself that I can dig in and become stronger no matter what blows life has dealt. 

p.s. the tree above is not my father’s but looks very similar.

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  1. purpleowltree1234

    I love your poetry, New View. 🙂 I love the tree image too. Trees can be a lot like people.
    This is a Haiku I wrote in 5th grade, which I think of often still
    Hot rock in the sun,
    So hot it’s almost melting.
    Cover it with shade.
    Little did my teacher know that rock was me! Poetry can reach depths of our soul that ordinary words cannot.
    I look forward to much Much more of your poetry. 🙂
    Love from Rach.

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement. I’m especially thankful that you choose to share such a meaningful poem that you wrote! It’s good to finally post something new 🙂

    • rosemary mint

      How did your teacher not know that the rock was you?! That was the first thing I thought of! This is an excellent haiku—clearly a cry for help. You should resume poetry-writing.

      • purpleowltree1234

        Wow, thanks Rosemary Mint! 🙂 Perhaps the teacher guessed more than I realised. She kept dropping around to my house unannounced to check on how my home life was. She was actually the Only person who Did seem interested in whatever was going on in my life. I’d love to find her now, and ask her what she knew. So much was going on then. Thanks for your comment Rosemary Mint, and yours too New View. 🙂
        Love from Rach.

        • rosemary mint

          Maybe you can find her on Facebook. 🙂 Teachers like that are priceless and will be remembered and treasured for a lifetime.

          • purpleowltree1234

            Actually, brilliant idea!! I wonder how many Carol Simpsons there are on FB! 🙂 I’m going to look right now!
            Thank you for following our Blog! Wow! I’m always like, are you Sure you want to read it?? Hahahaa It just surprises me that people read any part of it and want to read more! I shall be checking out your Blog too in the coming days. I’ve been “away” for a while, and have a lto to catch up on! 🙂 I look forward to getting to know you better!
            Love from Rach. 🙂

          • purpleowltree1234

            I just looked through dozens and dozens of Carol Simpsons, and of those with a photo or info about where they live or work, she doesn’t seem to be there. I left a couple messages with some who were iffy, we’ll see what they say. :o) Maybe I’ll Google her next. :o) Thanks for the idea!! Love from Rach

  2. rosemary mint

    I like how you lowercased “i” (which is required to be capped) and instead capitalized “Faith” and “Hope.” You are clearly minimizing yourself and putting things in God’s hands, recognizing that you have no real power of your own.

    I can also read this as the voice of nature, which in many religions is a god (or multiple gods) unto itself. Nature is often capitalized in poetry. But here, I think even nature is bowing down before God and speaking to all living things: plants, animals, humanity.

    This could also be the voice of the wind referring to the underground, behind-the-scenes forces at work below, in the dirt. Nature, growth, planting, rooting, stretching, bending—it’s all a team effort: air, water, worm, soil, sun.

    I also think the “i” and the “you” could be the same person. Some of us like to talk to ourselves with our many voices.

    And of course, this could be a man speaking to a woman regarding their relationship or regarding one’s mental/emotional/spiritual/physical state of being. There could be any number of reasons someone or something is unhealthy or impaired. The speaker is choosing to focus on hope and faith rather than feelings of helplessness. In fact, the greatest hope comes from admitting that you’re powerless to help yourself in some cases. Relinquishing control and allowing “nature” to take its course.

  3. Blessed by your words, twice in one day! A great way to start my morning! Thanks for sharing my brother!

  4. I adore the last line.


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