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Tides of Crimson

This is the first poem I wrote for Shawna’s Monday Melting.  Today I’m posting it on my blog as well and  linking it to dverse.  Hope you enjoy.

“Tides of Crimson”

The glint of your luminous devotion
remains perfectly visible
from just the right angle

Corseted against your ivory skin
that crimson velvet
punctured, yet worn

Extracting passionate ripples
from a past
recent, not irretrievable

I yield not
Refusing any ochone


Notes: ochone is a Scot/Irish word and was part of the “word prompt” that day.  It is defined thusly: “an expression of sorrow or regret”

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  1. It’s beautiful. Once again, I am not a poet but you continue to capture my attention with your poetry. I’ve tried to pick out a favorite line or stanza but each one gets replaced by the next. After four attempts, I have chosen to give up.

  2. it sounds like you are talking about an angel………of your lfie

  3. I really the use colour here. Very strong colour choices, which come together really well. Great work here.

    And I have a confession. On reading the title, I immediately thought of Alabama. But it’s not Alabama, and it’s an amazing write.

    • You are actually much closer than you realize! 🙂

      I intentionally wrote this so that it could be open to many interpretations. I think it works well as a “love poem.” But the *inspiration* behind the poem was my lovely wife not being as excited about the Crimson Tide’s most recent championship as she would have once been. I was forced to “high-five” myself that night…lol 🙂

  4. better to be able to live without the regrets, i like the veiled intimacy in this as well…

  5. I agree with Brian, the veiled intimacy is quite intriguing

  6. Intriguing and well penned 🙂 I enjoyed it.

  7. Wow. Each time I read it, I envision something new.

  8. Very sensous and warm write.

  9. This is stunning! I particularly like verse 2, ivory skin etc, fabulously evocative stuff.

  10. I adore this singer; I think you’ll like this:

  11. purpleowltree1234

    This poem metamophoses every time I read it again to see if I’ve missed something that will make its meaning solid and unchanging. I like that it draws me in and grabs my brain and wrings it out trying to figure out what it means. The colours are Awesome. The phrases are versatile with ripe meanings. A joy to read! 🙂
    Love from Rach

  12. purpleowltree1234

    PS AMAZING photo!!!! ❤


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