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“Undignified” ~David Crowder Band


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  1. Along with the obvious (my beautiful little girls), I was thinking about this song & David’s dance when I wrote the following haiku:

    arms and hands reach high
    naked feet dance funny jigs
    screams ring out: “Daddy!”

  2. nice haiku….saw crowder live a few years ago…amazing time

  3. We’ve sung this in church many times. The kids always love it and the grownups always squirm, including me. Oh to be like David, comfortable in expressing his love for God.

    • Wonderful comment….I’d love to know that kind of comfort in expressing love for God….I’d love to have that kind of passion for God…still such a work in progress, this boy is! 🙂

      Thanks for your visit and comment…have had fun at your place…you and Shawna sure keep things interesting!…look forward to reading more of your work soon.


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