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“Arriving Home”

arms and hands reach high
naked feet dance funny jigs
screams ring out: “Daddy!”

written for Sensational Haiku Wednesday (theme: excitement)

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  1. isn’t it the most awesome thing when little people squeal with delight at your arrival? almost nothing better, at least not in this world!

  2. that used to describe my house before the Angie went off to college – she did all that being just one kid!

  3. Appreciate the comments so far. This was just a quick little haiku written for a poetry prompt that my Beautiful Bride brought to my attention.

    I was sitting in my office when I wrote the haiku. At the time I was contemplating a quick trip home to grab some things I needed for a meeting tonight. The haiku was supposed to be about “excitement,” and seeing my girls so excited at my arrival is one of the highlights of my day. Every day. And today, it may happen twice. Can life get any better?!?

    Anyway, I”ve also been thinking about the passage where King David is dancing his crazy dance before God, full of excited worship in his heart. David’s story was an additional inspiration as I wrote this piece. Been thinking of David b/c of a blog post I came across yesterday—kind of cool how we can all encourage one another to think of things that are “pure and lovely.”

  4. Loved the surprise of “Daddy” at the end

  5. Reminds me of the many times i come home, even if just from the store. From grown up children who have children of their own, i still hear the same. Nice message!

  6. Wonderful! I felt like I was right there in that moment!

  7. magicalmysticalteacher

    I can see that kid’s excitement! 🙂

    Fevered Excitement

  8. This is great — you’ve captured the highlights of Daddy’s arrival! 🙂

  9. This is precious, sweetie. The girls do get so excited when you come home. It’s funny to see them fight over who gets to open the door for you. 🙂

  10. love the welcome home greetings of little ones…and doggies =)
    you captured it!

  11. My boyfriend’s all-time favorite memory of his daughters, hands down.

  12. It does make for some wonderful memories 🙂

  13. Children so love that moment when dad comes home! They link the moment with fun time!

  14. How sweet it is. Excitement for sure.

  15. Nothing beats the freshness and purity of childhood excitement! It is priceless!


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