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“Turn the Page”

Signs all around;
change is upon us.

The flower—freshly picked—
beauty pressed upon beauty.
Barren trees,
soon to be cloaked with lively leaves,
jealously watch
as lucky clovers brilliantly bloom—
dancing at your feet.

You take it all in, excited
at the thought of new days and new seasons,
ready to join in with a spicy two-step.
And me?
I lean into your shoulder, content.
Spring spores give rise to more than flora;
hope springs eternal. At least today.

I read the signs;
change is upon us.

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  1. Realizing so much potential for love and renewal makes new the heart as well. Your poem reflects that dawning awareness of so much love, so much hope and joy.

    • Thanks Chaz!

      This poem was inspired by a few things: the above pic; the thoughts she shared about her time sitting there in that moment and contemplating spring; and the potential you pointed out for “love and renewal.” I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and discussing that very potential recently. The changing of seasons—especially spring time with all it’s “new life” sprouting up all around us—just made me think of how vibrant “renewed” love can truly be.

  2. change is surely upon us….new life is soon to be surrounding us…

  3. For the record, there is absolutely nothing spicy about the two-step. I know it well and have danced it far more than I’ve ever cared to. 🙂 I would change it to “salsa.” But the dance I was imaginary-swaying is more like flowers flowing along with the breeze. I don’t think the dance could even be defined by a name.

    I’ll come back and leave more comments tomorrow. I’m so tired.

    • I actually thought about calling it a “spicy salsa” for the alliteration and the obvious “spice” it provides….but then I decided against it because I didn’t like the flow as well, and just figured it might confuse people who were reading around lunch or dinner time! *wink*

      Plus, a two-step can be used in a variety of dance genres…perhaps even the salsa! 🙂

      Look forward to the forthcoming comments…

  4. hobgoblin2011

    nice write. consistent. change- flowers-trees-leaves-clovers- seasons and then tying the end to the beginning, my favorite line here spring spores give rise to more than flora. Fine job. thanks

  5. Thanks so much for your thoughtful and encouraging comments hobgoblin…hope to see you stop by again in the future.

  6. Spring hope springs eternal! I love spring. Summer, fall, and winter are nice, too, but spring is awesome. Very nice springtime write!

  7. I really like the plants coming to life, the trees being jealous of the clovers already green. How creative!

    I like the flower play, the revitalization and new life in “freshly picked,” describing both the flower and the girl.

    Really enjoyed the varying line lengths—most quite long, a few clipped short for emphasis and also as if to proclaim, “I can do what I want; in poetry, love, and spring, there are no rules.”

    I do like “two-step” as a reference to budding love, a partnered dance. Just not the bland Texas-favored dance in and of itself.

    There’s some contrast in motion, as she is dancing and jostling her shoulder (at least in her thoughts), yet you are trying to rest your head on her. You must have a headache if her arms are moving.

    I also like the framing in the opening and closing couplets.

    Excellent title, as well … especially if her name is Page. 🙂

    • Yes, I suppose that is the perfect title if her name is “Page”…course, in that case, spring fever might have inspired me to amend it to “turning Page over” *wink*

      And my head is just fine, as the beautiful model in my pic only had thoughts of dancing. Her shoulder remained perfectly still for a quick resting of the head.

      Thanks for your comments.

  8. This is lovely, you’ve created a world here I could step into – wonderfully evocative with a touch of impermanence… ‘at least today’. Love the ‘feel’ of this.

    • Sorry, think I got your name mixed up with someone else. Apologies. 🙂

      • Thanks dfb…your comments are greatly appreciated. And I did a “quick edit” to get rid of the incorrect name…though who you were thinking “I” am is actually my wife. Her poetry is so much better than mine and maybe you’ll get a chance to check out her blog as well. I think you can link to it on any of her comments here…she’s quite the gifted writer!

  9. hypercryptical

    Excellent – full of love and hope as new life returns. The signs are defintely here!

    Anna :o]


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