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Real Men

To all of my faithful blog readers (both of you), I apologize for my long absence. I’ve been out of town and out of sorts.

But it’s been pretty quiet around here for a little too long, so I need to get something posted. You know, to keep the people happy. Something like that …
I tend to read and focus a lot these days on issues of being a good hubby and good father. Today I’m just sharing a few things I found recently that will perhaps be meaningful to others. And hopefully will challenge all of us males to act like a man—not just smell like one!
“Real Men”
Real Men are a dying breed.
Boys play house. Men build homes.
Boys shack up. Men get married.
Boys make babies. Men raise children.
A boy won’t raise his own children. A man will raise his and someone else’s.
Boys look for someone to take care of them. Men look for someone to take care of.
Boys seek popularity. Men seek respect and know how to give respect.
Some Troubling Stats About Males in Society:
(original source:, 10/4/11)
Statistics show that men are taking a less active positive role in society than they did 40-50 years ago.
Non-Working Men:
Since 1950, the number of non-working men (unemployed, imprisoned or disabled) has increased from 5% to 20%.
Fatherless Children:
The number of fatherless children has increased from 11% in 1970 to 27% in 2010, and there is a total of 40% of births now being outside of marriage.
Religious Involvement:
The religious interest of men has also dropped with only 39% of men attending church regularly.
Video Games:
Adult males spend more time playing video games than male teens! Men aged 18-34 years spend more time playing video games daily than typical males aged 12-17 years.

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  1. Assuming you’re in the U.S., we live in a society that increasingly encourages everyone to remain adolescents forever, but this is especially true for men. The messages boys get in the media and popular culture are very damaging. The qualities of adulthood–responsibility, strength, protecting, nurturing, educating–are pushed aside for the quest for endless fun and no responsibilities for one’s actions.

    • transparent guy, I couldn’t agree with you more. There’s an ad on page 36 of this month’s Men’s Health magazine that pictures 4 young men sitting in a red convertible, smoking cigars. My first thought when I saw that picture: “There’s 4 boys with too much money on their hands.”

  2. Thanks for the comment TPG. And thanks to everyone else for the views and “likes.”

    I am in the U.S., and I agree about the messages we are hearing about remaining “adolescents” forever. Very good comment.

  3. Oh, the spacing is all messed up on this. I’ll fix it.

    I remember when you were still in that age bracket; you spent quite a bit of time playing video games yourself. But then you turned 34. 😉 But you DID build me a home. I miss it. 😦 … We were just talking about how much we miss our friends in Mississippi. And I really miss my blackberries!

    Back on point … you also DO raise your children, including mine. So we’ll let it slide if you play video games from time to time. 🙂 You are definitely a “real man.”

    • Thanks for getting the spacing right…you’re the best! I definitely spent a little too much time playing “NCAA”…even today I could get hooked by that game! I don’t know that I could ever outgrow the opportunity to build a college football dynasty! 🙂

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    Real Men – An awesome post and some eye-opening statistics!


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